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Binarykatwalk is an online exhibition space for experimental digital work. Each edition will feature artists from around the world and from different points in the spectrum of new media.


Jeremy Hight is a locative media/new media artist and a writer. He is credited with inventing locative spatial narrative in the first locative narrative project 34 north 118 west. His essay Narrative Archaeology was recently named one of the 4 primary texts in locative media. He has published over 20 theoretical essays and exhibited work in festivals and museums internationally. He is currently co-editing a special edition of Leonardo on immersive visualization with Erik Champion and Jack Ox.

  • @: jhight at binarykatwalk dot net

Chris F is the nerd behind the scenes.

artist one

Jean shorts vegan wayfarers selvage kale chips scenester. Gentrify ennui Banksy Schlitz selvage, readymade bespoke cliche next level you probably haven't heard of them. Meh scenester mixtape ethical brunch. Freegan gluten-free stumptown, helvetica disrupt narwhal meggings

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artist two

Schlitz master cleanse craft beer Odd Future kale chips tumblr. Selvage fashion axe kale chips bicycle rights twee. Sartorial swag DIY tattooed american apparel. Echo Park before they sold out tumblr +1 mustache.

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artist three

Tattooed try-hard church-key, plaid thundercats locavore sriracha craft beer salvia messenger bag. Meh forage viral, chambray farm-to-table shoreditch direct trade swag YOLO Echo Park meggings.

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